A Watsonia man holidaying on the Victorian coast has endured a moist and salty After Grog Bog (AGB) in a beachside public toilet this morning, commencing the new year in far from ideal circumstances. Having over indulged on beer and barbecued meats last night, Pat Watson knew something was brewing as he headed to the beach for a head-clearing swim but it wasn’t quite ready to be dealt with at his accomodation.

Within moments of having arrived at the beach, and a solid 10-minute drive back to his lodgings, Watson conceded that he’d have to drop his AGB in the beachside public toilet. Having faced similar predicaments in the past, he knew it would be unpleasant, but no worse than his current hungover state was making him feel anyway.

Watson entered the cubicle, sat carefully on the metal bowl, and attended to business whilst reading the assortment of crude graffiti scribbled on both the walls and the back of the door. The floor in the cubicle featured a generous covering of sand and a reasonable dousing of sea water, adding to the already unpleasant conditions inside the cubicle.

To compound the situation, the toilet paper was coarse and paper-thin, and the air was filled with the scars of men who’d faced similar challenges to the one Watson was facing at the time. Despite the awkward scene, Watson was able to attend to his AGB and resume dealing with his heavy hangover as he mentally prepared to tackle 2018.