A Watonia man is blaming self-diagnosed “charity guilt” for using the garden entrance at the Thomastown Bunnings store to avoid the ever-present lure of the sausage sizzle. Mitchell Lucas made the brave decision just over a week ago due to concerns over his current dietary choices and the knowledge that he’d be spending quite a bit of time at Bunnings during the summer holidays.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Lucas said, “December just really got away from me in regards to what I was eating, so I knew I had to do something drastic. The waft of sausage and onion waving across the car park has been hard to ignore, but so far I’ve stayed strong. While I reckon I’m strong enough to ignore the actual sausages, my bad case of charity guilt would make it near impossible to walk past without at least buying one snag in bread.”

While Lucas refused to make a long-term commit to his current strategy, he said it has served him well so far. He told us, “I’ve had about four or five visits since Christmas and haven’t fallen once. In addition to the improvement to my diet, I reckon I’ve saved upwards of 30 bucks in the process.”