A local woman has commenced preparations for her one game of tennis for the year after watching a few matches of the lead up tournaments for the Australian Open. Karen Wilson has even tracked down her tennis racquet from the back of the garage and given it a slight dusting so it will be ready for her visit to the local courts.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle yesterday, Wilson said, “It seems a bit earlier this year to be honest, but I’m almost ready to get off the couch and have a hit. I’ve been loving the Hopman Cup, and have even caught a few sets of the Hobart International. The racquet is looking pretty good, and I got a fresh can of balls for my work KK present at the end of last year because I’ve got a reputation to being a keen tennis player.”

In previous years Wilson would’ve even entertained the prospect of joining a mid-week social team but age and experience has taught her better. She said, “After my annual game in late January I used to say I might join a social team because I felt like I was hitting them alright. But I’m older and wiser now, and much more realistic. One game a year is plenty for me.”