A local Baby Boomer has made her annual complaint that hot cross buns are in the shops too early this year, taking to Facebook on this occasion to air her grievance. Jan Phillips made the angry post last night, even though hot cross buns have been in supermarkets since New Years Day.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Phillips said, “It’s just outrageous. It happens earlier every year. Back in my day they weren’t even in the shops until the week before Easter. It’s just one big Americanisation, Generation Me, commercialisation money making scheme!”

Totally unprompted, Phillips then told us not to get her started on the variety of flavours now available in hot cross buns. We said nothing. But she got started. She said, “It’s flaming ridiculous. What’s wrong with the original flavour, they’re quite nice. Very tasty.” When we suggested that the apple and cinnamon flavour was pretty good, Phillips promptly ended the interview and bade us farewell.