Mr Tod, the hapless cartoon fox who continuously fails to capture rascally Peter Rabbit, has been excommunicated from the mainstream fox population for giving them a bad name. The mainstream foxes, who pride themselves on their cunning and street smarts to survive in the woods, believe that Mr Tod’s constant bungling failures are ruining their previously revered reputation.

While Peter Rabbit is quite clever, and exceptionally brave, the other foxes believe that he makes enough errors that he should’ve been captured and eaten by Mr Tod by now. Not to mention the significant daddy issues that Peter has, which could easily be exploited to improve the chances of capture.

According to Mr Samuels, the first of the foxes to publicly condemn Mr Tod, “it’s absolutely preposterous if you ask me. Old Toddy Boy is giving all of us a bad name. I mean, just catch that rabbit and be done with it!”