A Watsonia man on holidays at his beach house has just consumed a very odd breakfast as he attempts to run his fridge down in preparation for a return to Melbourne later today. In no particular order, Fraser Manning ate a handful of shaved ham, a couple of slices of salami, five seedless grapes, a single slice of white bread, and half a block of cheese, washed down by three Coronas.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Manning said, “This pretty much happens every year, no matter how carefully I plan our shopping during the annual holiday. And I just hate to waste food. My parents are Depression era children so I was raised to eat everything on my plate, regardless of how hungry I was.”

Being a living embodiment of the phrase “Waste not, want not”, Manning pretended to enjoy the breakfast, telling us, “It was actually quite nice really. Apart from the Coronas, I might try it out when I’m back in Watsy in a couple of days.”