A Watsonia woman, Steph Collins, has literally had her day ruined after arriving at work and realising that she had left her lunch in the fridge at home. In a devastating turn of events, her computer crashed in the morning, she read that odd article about her home suburb, and then she pinged a hammy at the gym during her lunch break.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about her troublesome day, Collins claimed this unfortunate chain of purely coincidental events could all be linked back to her inability to remember to take last night’s leftovers to work for her lunch. “I’m actually quite a spiritual person. You know, I’ve been to Bali like four times and did a few yoga classes while I was there. I totally believe in the concept of karma. I don’t know specifically how that relates to my forgotten lunch, but I’m pretty sure it’s all linked.”

Still smarting from having to pay $15 for a small sandwich at a pop-up café in the city, Collins resolved to implement new strategies to remember her lunch. She is currently deciding between a reminder in her phone, a post-it note on the bathroom mirror, and completely outsourcing the responsibility by saying to her boyfriend just before bed time “Honey, can you remind me to take my lunch in the morning?”

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