Confusion has arisen at a rural Victorian bakery over why the word “cake” is written in inverted commas on a sign out the front of the store. The odd choice of punctuation seems to accidentally suggest that the cakes inside the store are not actually cakes in the true sense of the word.

While the store owners were unavailable for comment to The Watsonia Bugle, holidaymaker Lisa Jennings told us that the sign asked more questions than it answered. Jennings said, “I mean, like, what does it actually mean? Don’t they, like, know what the inverted commas suggest? Soz, but I won’t be trying any of them ‘cakes’ any time soon.”

However, a local from the area, who gave his name only as Pete, told us that he didn’t care about the punctuation, because the cakes tasted good. End of story. He said, “Mate, who gives a rat’s about grammar and spelling and that. Them cakes in there are bloody top notch. I didn’t even notice the sign. That’s the kind of thing city slickers like you wankers would notice. Just eat the cakes and piss off will ya?”