A local Big Bash fan has admitted he can’t remember the last time that he accessed his Netflix account, as the summer of cricket rolls on and nears its climactic end. Fraser Connelly told The Watsonia Bugle that he’d become so immersed in the Big Bash season that he can’t even recall which shows he was binge watching before the Twenty20 tournament kicked off back on Tuesday 19 December.

In an exclusive interview, Connelly said, “Mate, I’ve just dived right into it again this year. Every night it’s been on the box, and I’ve even tackled all of the double headers so far. The only night I considered jumping over onto Netflix was last Sunday during the ODI between Australia and England.”

While Connelly refused to elaborate on the strain this obsession had put on his marriage, he did concede that having two TVs in the house had been essential. He said, “I mean, the missus doesn’t mind it, but she just can’t watch it every night. She’s kind of a Stars fan, so she used to watch all their games at least, but now she’s even had enough of that. On Tuesday she left the room halfway through the first innings.”