While eclipse fans all across Victoria are gearing up for a very rare lunar event in our skies tonight, a local man has claimed that he won’t be staying up to witness the once in a generation event because it’s past his bed time. Residents of Melbourne’s suburbs are hoping to catch the rare trifecta of a total lunar eclipse, a super moon, and a blue moon all in one night.

However, 37-year-old Watsonia resident Grant Turner claims that he won’t be among the sky gazers tonight, telling The Watsonia Bugle that the expected 11.00pm start time is “way past my bed time”. He also said, “Who really cares anyway mate? It’ll be plastered all over the news tomorrow if anything decent happens, so I’ll just watch it on the telly or me phone then if I have to. I remember as a kid heading out Yarrambat way to try and spot Halley’s Comet all them years ago and we saw nothing. Ever since then I can’t be bothered with that stuff.”

Despite the fact that the rare trifecta of the total eclipse, super moon, and blue moon hasn’t been seen in Melbourne’s skies for 30 years, Turner won’t be forfeiting his beauty sleep for the opportunity to catch a glimpse. He said, “Mate, the Big Bash semi-finals start tomorrow night so I need to get me sleep. With the combination of the hot nights, the Big Bash, and the tennis, I’ve been pushing it out past my bed time for over a month now. I need me rest.”