The recently announced change of strategic direction for Facebook could possibly threaten the future of The Watsonia Bugle. Throughout the course of this month, Mark Zuckerberg has been drip-feeding news of changes to the top secret newsfeed algorithm, including the promise of a larger emphasis on posts from your friends and family, plus an attempt to avoid the prevalence of fake news.

Despite the fact that here at The Watsonia Bugle we genuinely feel that we are both your family and your friend, we’re guessing that Facebook won’t see it that way. And while we make every attempt to corroborate the sources that we use in our many informative articles, we concede that occasionally we may publish stories that could – if twisted by the reader – be deemed fake news.

However, don’t entirely despair at our potential demise. On Monday, Zuckerberg announced that in addition to the aforementioned adjustments to your newsfeed, Facebook will also be giving more emphasis to local news which, of course, we excel in. Although we do promise to cover news both local and abroad, our predominant focus tends to be Watsonia and its surrounding suburbs, despite occasional criticism for this dedicated approach.

So, as it stands right now, we will continue to survive despite the many challenges of staying relevant in such a fast-moving and ever-evolving news breaking environment. As always, we will strive to bring you the news that really matters, like people flouting parking restrictions at Greensy Plaza, drowsy hipsters falling asleep on the Hurstbridge Line, people reacting badly to having their kabana snapped in half, the potential for a giant dim sim to be erected in our main street, and the underdeveloped sense of humour possessed by tennis crowds.