A local Formula One fan is considering a boycott of the upcoming Australian Grand Prix after news broke this morning that Grid Girls have been given the flick. Greensborough man Marcus Cummins has been to every Aussie Grand Prix at Albert Park since Melbourne began hosting the event in 1996, and even went to a couple of the races in Adelaide before then.

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle this morning for comment on the news, Cummins told us, “This is outrageous mate, what a bloody joke. I’m full devo. I’ve had like heaps of photos with them Grid Girls over the years, it’s one of the real highlights of the race every year. Them chicks are mint.”

While Cummins refused to elaborate on how an overweight, balding and sweating middle aged man sidling up to a bunch of heavily made up glamour models for an awkward photo could compare to the sheer thrill of watching millionaires drive around in fast circles, he just said, “I dunno mate, it just gives me a real buzz. Right down in my pants.”

How the absence of the generally disinterested Grid Girls would impact on the overall race day experience at the Grand Prix was also unclear. When we asked Cummins why he doesn’t just go to trade shows at Jeff’s Shed for his annual fix of asking attractive female strangers for a photo, he just said, “Do they have them at those shows too? Wow, maybe I should go to one of them. Maybe I’m not that into car racing as I thought I was.”