While Coffs Harbour has the “Big Banana”, Nambour has the “Big Pineapple”, and Goulburn has the “Big Merino”, in a new proposal put to local council this week, Watsonia could soon be the proud owner of the “Big Dim Sim”. Australia is somewhat synonymous for its obsession with having “big things” as tourist attractions at various locations across the country, and the proposed giant dimmie is an opportunity for the good people of Watsonia to pay homage to the world’s greatest dim sims that are sold at Noodle Station.

The bold proposal was put to council earlier this week, with the expected benefits to include increased tourism, work for a local builder to construct the dimmie, and an increased sense of pride in our reputation as the takeaway food capital of the northern suburbs. According to Dan Porter, the man behind the concept, “This will really put Watsonia on the map. We already know that we have the most impressive and diverse takeaway food offerings in the northern suburbs, if not the entirety, of Melbourne, and the giant dim sim would make that official.”

The potential location for the giant dim sim is up for debate, but Porter says that the favoured location is under the powerlines next to the library. He said, “That’s just the best spot for it obviously, for a number of reasons: you can see it from the Noodle Station, there is parking available for the tourists, and it’ll be the last thing commuters see before they jump on the train and head into the city to brag about how good Watsy is. Even though the powerlines will somewhat limit the height of the dimmie, the location still makes sense.”

Keep your fingers crossed Watsonia, we’re about to go big time!