A friendly old bloke from Greensborough is routinely “champing” people without realising that it’s actually now a modern form of putting someone down. The man, Ken Brabender, greets almost everyone he sees during his morning gym session with a chipper “G’day Champ!” but has recently noticed that recipients of the “champing” are often not so friendly in their response to him.

While we’re unsure of the exact point in time that this happened, referring to someone as “Champ” is actually now seen as derogatory, as the recipient perceives it to be condescending and belittling. However, someone has failed to inform Brabender of this cultural shift, who is going through life accidentally offending almost every stranger and/or casual acquaintance that he comes into contact with.

One such recipient of these regular champings is Lachie Rich, who works at the local bottle shop that Brabender frequents for his weekly supply of Carlton Light longnecks. According to Rich, “I used to get my back up a bit when he called me Champ, but now I just realise that it’s like he’s stuck in a time capsule or something. Being champed mustn’t have always been a bad thing, and old Kenny boy is from the bygone era. So I actually don’t mind it now, he’s a good fella.”