With yesterday’s news that triple j would no longer be holding their annual Hottest 100 countdown on the 26th of January, their hordes of once a year listeners are now mega confused about when they’ll get their yearly dose of hipness. While the countdown will apparently now occur one day after the public holiday, on the 27th of January, there is still some confusion over this, leaving many try hards in limbo.

Each year, fuelled somewhat by social media, people who ordinarily listen to more mainstream FM channels carry on like they’re big fans of triple j – a trendsetting radio station with a firm grip on the musical zeitgeist. These people do this by Facebook posting their suggestions for the top 10 in the famous countdown of songs, and then hosting parties with their friends where they listen to the countdown and consume alcohol in gigantic proportions.

One such self-professed “die-hard music fan”, Kate Tindle, told The Watsonia Bugle, “It’s just so confusing now. I rely on that one day a year to get up to speed with what’s cool, before quickly returning to Triple M for what is safe and known. I really need the date, whatever day it is, to be locked in so I can cater for it in my annual social media schedule. It’s all about my brand man.”