As some of you may know, last week we suggested that it was rather convenient that temporary fencing had appeared around the supposed entrance to a tunnel on the State government’s preferred North East Link option, just days before their official announcement that Option A had been selected. Whilst technically we were right about the government’s long-term intentions, signage has since appeared around the site in questions that indicates we were slightly off the scent.

According to the new signage on the site, it turns out that, as suggested by one keen Bugle reader, the temporary fencing at the corner of Greensborough Highway and Lower Plenty Road is actually for construction storage during the removal of the level crossing at Rosanna Station. In fact, the Bugle reader in question commented on our Facebook post that it was “a ridiculous conspiracy theory”, in which case we’ll need to take our tin foil hats off to him.

But then again, if we want to put the tin foil hats back on, it’s kind of a convenient location isn’t it?