In an odd coincidence, temporary fencing has popped up around the likely tunnel entrance for the North East Link route named earlier this week as the State Government’s preferred option. While the Banyule Mayor has slammed the option chosen by the State Government, as reported by The Watsonia Bugle back in August, it’s kind of always been clear which of the four presented options we’d end up with.

While exploratory drill sites have been emerging around the Banyule Flats area over the last month or so, the temporary fencing near the junction of Greensborough Highway and Lower Plenty Road is no doubt the most public display of intentions so far. Thousands of cars will have passed the fencing this week, with many of them expected to have put two and two together.

Perhaps the authorities felt they had to move more swiftly on traffic congestion in the area after our ground-breaking announcement earlier in the week that there is now a list of local roads that can’t be uttered without adding an expletive? Whatever the reason, script writers from the hit ABC show Utopia are yet to confirm whether they’ll be involved in the drafting of any official announcement.