The Herald Sun has finally mixed up its go-to picture during a Melbourne heatwave by publishing an image of three guys submerged under the water near a pier. The image was a distinct break in the far more common shot of either people jumping off a pier, or a bikini-clad girl perched on the top of a male friend’s shoulders. The location was even a surprising change up, with the image being taken at Seaford, rather than somewhere along the stock standard strip between Port Melbourne and St Kilda.

When Melbourne has a string of consecutive days above 30 degrees you can count on the Herald Sun reminding us of this fact by printing a large colour image of people cooling off at the beach. There is rarely an accompanying article, just a long caption so that the subjects of the picture can bask in their 15 minutes of fame.

The Herald Sun would not be drawn on this obvious change of strategy, but we applaud the more artistic approach, and look forward to more variety as we head towards a long hot summer.