Following on from our report back in September about a man suffering an identity crisis after hearing a song from his youth being played on classics radio station Gold 104, this week’s “feature artist” on the same radio station is Powderfinger – so we’re all in for a world of pain. Whilst Powderfinger did form in 1989, they arguable reached their zenith between 1998 and 2005, meaning they are the soundtrack of many of our lives, even for some of our younger readers.

Ardent Powderfinger fan and 34-year-old Watsonia resident Hamish Quinlan is shattered by the news, telling The Watsonia Bugle, “It feels like only yesterday that they were the biggest band in town, but now they’re a bloody feature artist on Gold 104! What does this mean for me? Where am I at in life?”

Quinlan is not the only one affected by the news, with 37-year-old Greensborough woman Hayley Donaldson telling us, “It’s devastating. The whole situation has caused me to look at my musical tastes. I feel like I’m still up with it, but Powderfinger is actually the most modern act that I’m into. And now they’re officially in the classic genre. I’m just not sure where to go to from here.”