After years of just nodding along when someone mentioned the term, an Eltham woman has finally admitted that she didn’t know if a “New York minute” was longer or shorter than a conventional minute. Following her stark admission, Tara Owen took the relatively simple step of looking it up on Google and discovered that it is, in fact, significantly shorter than a conventional minute.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about this revelation, Owen said, “It’s kind of a relief to have finally found out what it actually means. I’ve chuckled along to mentions of it in the past without fully understanding what I was chuckling at. I never saw that movie with the Olsen twins in it, so maybe if I’d seen that I would’ve been better informed.”

Owen also said that she would now feel more confident slipping the term into casual conversation with friends. She said, “the way Google is these days, there’s really no excuse for being so ignorant about these kind of things. You can just look it up, read the info, and be informed straight away. All in a New York minute you could say.