Did you hear that person in the lift this morning that was complaining about the heat? Yeah, well you know what, she’s the same person who was complaining about the cold only a few months ago. It’s true, some people will never be happy with the weather conditions and, despite having lived in Melbourne for most of their lives, will still be genuinely surprised by the fact that it can get really hot in summer and really cold in winter.

Whether you choose to associate with this sort of person beyond the occasional lift discussion is up to you, but we suggest that you don’t. In fact, we even suggest you avoid the small talk in the lift too. Get yourself some headphones, and plug them into your ears even if you don’t have any music playing. And then practice looking really enthralled in whatever is on your phone screen, even if it is some stupid meme that you’ve already seen 18 times on your Facebook feed this week.

Alternatively, you can play into that person’s hands and get trapped having a banal discussion about the weather. The exact same discussion that you’ll be forced to repeat next summer, and the summer after that. It’s your choice.