Kindergarten teachers across the country have reportedly commenced preparations for muck up day shenanigans from their students at the end of this year. While destructive behaviour on the final day of classes is more commonly associated with Year 12 students finishing school for good, Kindergarten teachers insist that their departing students have become increasingly rambunctious in recent years.

One teacher, Carol Williams, told The Watsonia Bugle, “It just gets worse and worse every year. Only about 10 years ago there was nothing, you’d get some sweet presents from the little ones, they’d give you a hug, and then they’d be on their way. Sadly that’s no longer the case.”

Whilst Williams wouldn’t be drawn on specifics, she said some of the worse pranks included mixing the pencils with the crayons, switching everyone’s lunch boxes around, and smearing Clag over door handles. She said, “Kids these days are just growing up too fast. It started with Grade 6 kids catching limos to their graduations, and now these Kinder kids feel they deserve to let off some steam after a tough year of colouring in, learning to use scissors, and chasing each other around the playground. It’s ridiculous.”