Despite significant evidence to the contrary, a local green thumb is steadfastly refusing to believe any of the claims currently being put against former television presenter Don Burke. While stories of Burke’s inappropriate behaviour seem to be multiplying by the hour this week, Beryl Collins’s has been on her landline all week telling friends that the accusations just can’t be true.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Collins said, “He always seemed like such a wholesome young man, so I just can’t believe he would ever say or do any of these terrible things. I used to tune in every Friday night for my weekly dose of Don, and he always had such wonderful tips for me to use in the garden. In fact, I still use his advice for tending to my petunias every time I’m pottering around in the garden.”

Even as we detailed the growing list of stories to Collins she remained resolute. She said, “There’s just no way he’s done any of this. Everyone is wrong.”