Local residents in Watsonia North and Bundoora are reportedly planning an epic “Milk Bar crawl” that will snake through those suburbs and give participants an equal dosing of nostalgia and sugar highs. While some areas of Melbourne are overseeing the slow death of the humble and beloved milk bars of our youth, Watsonia North and Bundoora seem to be keeping the dream alive.

In fact, it’s the thriving existence of milk bars within those two suburbs that has inspired crawl inventor Matt Salisbury to gather his friends together for an exciting adventure. In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Salisbury said, “I bloody love ‘em mate! Them inner city jerks keep talking about the death of the milk bar, but we’re really spoilt for choice out here. It’s time to celebrate them.”

While many former milk bars in the inner suburbs have been either transformed into trendy cafes or run out of business by convenience stores, many of the milk bars in our area are like time capsules that can transport you right back into the 80s and 90s. And it’s acknowledging the past that is giving Salisbury his biggest challenge. He said, “I’ve got the journey mapped out, but now the hardest part is working out what we all have to consume at each bar. We’ll be grabbing a Bubble O Bill at one of them, a white bag of mixed lollies at another, but then it’s really open for debate. Do we get a stale loaf of bread, overpriced carton of milk, can of coke, packet of Wizz Fizz, or a Big Boss? It’s a genuine conundrum.”