Confusion remains over the odd appearance of a teepee in a local supermarket car park last Friday morning, leaving local residents to speculate over the reasons for it. A number of eagle-eyed Bugle readers contacted us late last week to share the spotting of the teepee, with some even sending us images of the unconventional camp site.

To further confuse local residents, at the rear of the teepee stood a golf bag, perhaps suggesting that the illegal camper was also a keen golfer, visiting the Diamond Valley area for our world-renowned selection of golf courses. One passerby said, “Who knows mate? It was just sitting there in the middle of the IGA carpark. I hope they were at least abiding by the rule that you can only park there if you’re using the supermarket.”

At the time of writing, no more plausible explanation s have been offered other than it was a slightly misplaced donation to the nearby Op Shop, which is regularly flooded with an array of discarded items dressed up as charitable gifts. Do you know anything about the teepee and its accompanying golf bag? Let us know.