A local group of investors and business owners have shared their early plans to get Watsonia involved in any potential reboot of the popular Crocodile Dundee movie series. Dundee has literally taken the world by storm this week after a mock movie trailer was screened during the Super Bowl, and then revealed to just be an elaborate advertisement for Australian tourism.

The trailer featured such Hollywood luminaries as Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Jessica Mauboy, helping it to top the coveted Super Bowl ad ratings and, in turn, sparking a worldwide campaign to actually make the movie. That campaign, driven by the now viral hashtag #BringBackDundee, has received keen support, with Greg Norman being the latest heavyweight to throw his support behind the potential reboot.

However, while momentum builds for the movie to actually grow legs, the local group of Watsonia luminaries is working hard to pitch the prospect of Watsonia either making its way into the script, or being used as a filming location. According to the unofficial spokesperson for the group, “This would be a real game changer for Watsy, and I think we’re ready for it. Our top aim is to have our suburb written into the script somehow but, failing that, we also believe that we could provide a suitable filming location for the film.”

When pressed on what relevance our suburb has to a film that would presumably be based and filmed in the outback, the spokesperson said, “You ever been to Plenty Gorge? That bushland is pristine, but still close enough to high quality accommodation, award-winning restaurants, and the airport. So rather than trek out to some fly blown area of the Northern Territory, they’ll be real close to Melbourne. Reckon they’ll actually use real crocs? Hell no! So they can just get fake ones to jump out of the Plenty River. It just makes sense.”

Just how Watsonia could be written into the script seemed slightly more problematic, but the spokesman was undeterred. He said, “A key component of Australian life is right here in the suburbs. So if you’re serious about making a film about Australia, you can’t ignore the throbbing heartbeat of suburban life. And where else in this country would you find a more idyllic microcosm of Australian suburban life than right here in Watsy?”

Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.