Since the initial sighting of an abandoned oBike in Binnak Park in November, the recent lack of randomly parked oBikes in the Watsonia area is costing us some significant street credibility. Despite our recent report on the increasing median house price in our suburb, and the accompanying glowing report by a real estate website, if we can’t spot more oBikes left stranded on our streets are we really as cool as we think we are?

As inner city suburbs, and the CBD itself, continue to be plagued with the appearance of dumped bikes all over their streets, Watsonia seems to have been only an occasional port for the bike sharing scheme. While this may seem like a good thing, it fails to acknowledge the complicated formula of what cool is, and how to be it.

Have you seen any oBike parked around the streets of Watsy? Or even in the salubrious surrounds of Macleod or Rosanna? Let us know.