Last Friday, a popular real estate website reported that the median house price in Watsonia has recently soared, yet they failed to mention the world-famous “Paris End” of the suburb and its role in pumping up prices in the area. In October last year we reported how a million dollar house sale near Watsonia Primary School had led residents of that area to refer to their streets as “the Paris End” of Watsy which, in turn, sparked a war of words amongst Watsonians about which area was best.

While last Friday’s article about the higher median price did reference a “fantastic” local community, “quaint little shops” and “a country feel”, it failed to mention that the Paris End was really the key to driving up local house prices. According to a resident from the self-appointed Paris End, “It’s like writing an article about Melbourne and not mentioning the MCG! What a joke mate.”

Despite disappointment about the oversight, the same local did at least acknowledge that the article gave a much better representation of our area than the controversial article from another real estate website two weeks ago that failed to encapsulate what Watsy is actually all about. He said, “At least it sounds like they did a bit more research than that other mob. Plus they actually interviewed at least one person who has some local knowledge. But I’m still spewin’ that they didn’t mention the Paris End.”