The area around Watsonia Primary School has been anointed “the Paris End” of Watsonia after a house there sold for over a million dollars on the weekend. While it wasn’t the first house in Watsonia to sell for seven figures, that hasn’t stopped local residents claiming the fancy moniker for their small pocket of Watsy, with locals claiming it is the best region of our suburb. 

While the exact credentials of being “the Paris end” of somewhere remain unclear, locals in the newly crowned Paris end of Watsonia were keen to put their case forward. One local, Karen, told The Watsonia Bugle, “it’s got easy access to all the essential utilities, is just a short walk to Watsonia’s thriving CBD, and is a little bit classier than the other areas. I mean houses are going for a million now, so people are voting with their feet, or wallets in this case.”

The self-proclamation has angered Watsoniaites from other regions of the suburb, with each pocket putting forward their own claims. Bob, a long-time resident of the Kenmare Street region told us, “they can have it mate, them giving themselves the title screams of desperation. Kenmare for life mate.”