In a classic case of shutting up and taking our money, Greensborough Coles has enjoyed a lively weekend of selling bulk numbers of Golden Gaytime Crumbs at the premium yet understandable price of just $6 each. As of yesterday afternoon, only a few tins remained, after a full line of stock was available late on Friday evening. It wouldn’t surprise us if by now they’ve completely sold out. 

Leveraging the retail phenomenon that was tubs of Golden Gaytime a couple of years ago, the canny folk at Streets have decided to cut out the annoying middle man (i.e. the odd flavoured ice cream) and just go straight for the mysterious crumbs that encase a delightful Golden Gaytime. Jokes, the ice cream is delicious too, but now you can put your crumbs on anything (e.g. chocolate ice cream, eye fillet steak, Christmas pudding, a giant bowl of custard).

While the initial shipment has flown off the shelves, no indication has been given for when the next tins will arrive. Will we face the same dire conditions we did when the tubs of Golden Gaytime were in short supply a couple of years ago, and people were touring supermarkets all over the Diamond Valley to get their hands on them? Only time will tell…