The once-popular ab roller is reportedly facing extinction after the National Fitness Advisory Board (NFAB) placed them on their endangered fitness fad list. While the listing may seem extreme, it comes after a good year or two of hardly even seeing ab rollers on hard rubbish piles, a sure-fire sign that they have almost been driven out of existence. 

NFAB maintain a strict listing of both endangered and extinct fitness fads, and have been closely monitoring the ab roller situation. According to an NFAB spokesperson, “this situation has been alarming for a few years now, and it was with great reluctance that we had to put the faithful ab roller on the endangered list. While this is ultimately a positive step forward for the fitness industry, there is also a great deal of nostalgia tied up with this piece of apparatus.”

The ab roller is arguably the most popular fitness fad in modern history, with industry insiders estimating that at its absolute peak, 8 in 10 Australian households had an ab roller collecting dust in the corner of either their lounge or family room. After years of no use, ab rollers traditionally endured a solid three to five years tucked away in the garage somewhere, before inevitably ending up on the hard rubbish pile to either be salvaged by someone wanting to getting into shape, or heading to the dump to be savagely crushed in a compactor.  

The NFAB spokesperson refused to be drawn on any initiatives designed to save the ab roller. They just said, “it may actually be the best thing for our industry. We’re not even sure they were good for your lumbar spine, and the claims made in those infomercials were misleading at best.”