It appears that long-term parking is no longer available on Macorna Street, following last week’s removal of a car that had been parked on the Watsonia North street for at least a few months. As we reported back in September, as the car stayed longer and longer in its spot – albeit with a significantly flat tyre – local residents were beginning to wonder whether filming for the sequel of Dude Where’s My Car? had commenced right here in our own backyard.

Following our successful rescue of Trent Cotchin in Grand Final week so that he could go on to lead his team to Premiership glory, we believe the car’s removal is yet another example of how The Watsonia Bugle is becoming a real influencer around town. One local resident is actually claiming that the removal of the car will allow Watsonia North the opportunity to challenge for the self-proclaimed “Paris End” moniker that a certain section of Watsonia claimed earlier this week.

The resident who said this, Carol Stevens, told The Watsonia Bugle, “those jokers up the road are kidding themselves claiming to be the ‘Paris End’ of Watsonia. Everyone knows that Watsy North is the place to be. I’ve been petitioning the council for ages to change the name from Macorna Street to Macorna Boulevard. It would lend a real sense of class to the area. If that gets up, prices will skyrocket!”