In a decision that has angered local golf enthusiasts, the Bundoora Golf Course has missed the top 100 courses in Australia list for 78th year in a row. The list, released annually by the Australian Golf Hackers Association (AGHA), has hit the local golfing community hard, with some Bundoora fans threatening to revoke their membership with the AGHA. 

One local golfer, Graeme Jensen, told The Watsonia Bugle, “it’s an absolute outrage mate, Bundoora is one of the most underrated courses in the country. Everyone goes on about the kangaroos at Anglesea, but we have heaps of them here too, yet these so-called experts just choose to forget that.”

Although Jensen admitted that he rarely plays other courses, arguably making him unqualified to rank the various courses in our fair nation, he still queried the eligibility of the AGHA’s judging panel. Jensen said, “I bet none of them jokers have even played at Royal Bundoora. In fact, I bet most of them just flick through golfing magazines and make their decisions based on the photoshopped photos of all the expensive courses. When you apply the quality versus affordability equation to Bundoora it stands up very well.”