The vegans have hit back in the ongoing battler with meat eaters, although this time in a more obscure location than the Diamond Valley’s most famous fence. While we recently reported that the vegan camp had been silent since their initial “BE VEGAN” slogan had been hijacked by the carnivores, a pro-vegan slogan has appeared on the Diamond Creek Trail in the Barak Bushlands.

The slogan, scrawled over the footpath, reads “BEING VEGAN ISN’T EXTREME, KILLING ANIMALS IS EXTREME” and then signs off simply with “VEGAN”. Ignoring the odd sign-off for a second, the slogan suggests that like an canny military strategist, the leader of the vegans has conceded the frontline of St Helena Road, and is now establishing a new foothold in the streets of Eltham. 

Last night we were also contacted by a loyal reader who sent us images of pro-vegan slogans at the Willinda Park athletics track in Greensborough. 

It seems we may have underestimated the tactical nouse of the vegans, who seem unwillingly to concede to Megan’s recent campaign. This story just gets meatier and meatier by the day.