Facebook memories have reportedly dragged a young woman back through a torturous break up by giving her constant reminders of the once enjoyable times she had with her ex-boyfriend. Tash Wallis endured a rather nasty break up just over 12 months ago but thanks to the Facebook memory feature she has spent the last year receiving regular reminders of birthdays, nights out, anniversaries, holidays and casual Sunday evening musings.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Wallis said, “It’s just a nightmare really. Every time I think I’m over him, up pops a few happy snaps from our winter getaway to the Goldie, like, two years ago or something. The generations before me didn’t have to put up with this. All they had to do was go through their actual photo albums, yeah those things with the printed photos in them, and tear out every last remnant of their lost lover. I just can’t deal.”

While it was suggested to Wallis that unfollowing her ex-boyfriend or, ahem, defriending him might indicate to Facebook that you no longer wanted that person in your life, she insisted on remaining friends with him. She said, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I need to know what that scumbag is up to at all times. How else am I supposed to secretly judge his new women? It’s a real Catch-22 I tell ya.”