Last night, in a stunning turn of events, 3-year-old Chloe Stanley went to bed first time, no questions asked. This is a dramatic turn around for Chloe, who averages a minimum of 3-4 re-emergences per night after initially being tucked in by her loving parents.

Chloe’s parents have become so accustomed to this pattern of behaviour that when Chloe hadn’t appeared in the lounge room after five minutes, they immediately assumed something was wrong. When her father tiptoed down the hallway and carefully stuck his head around her door, he was shocked to see Chloe sound asleep.

Speaking to the media from out the front of her childcare centre this morning, Chloe said, “I’d had a big day, you know lots of playing, a visit to the local pool, visited some friends, I really didn’t stop all day. Normally I like to just mess with my parents a bit by coming out of my room and asking absurd questions in a desperate, and ultimately failed, attempt to squeeze some more life out of each day. But last night I was absolutely bushed so just decided to sack it early. Don’t worry everyone, I’ll be back to my old tricks tonight, just you wait and see.”