News earlier this week of an American man’s race to eat his 30,000th Big Mac has inspired a Greensborough fast food lover to reach the incredible milestone first. Wisconsin man, Don Gorske, is closing in on 29,900 Big Macs, and at his current rate of two per day is expected to hit 30,000 by May this year.

While most news reports of Gorske’s hamburger obsession suggested that nobody else was even close to the 30,000 mark, Greensborough man Tom Atkins reckons he’s a chance to get there first – as long as he accelerates towards the finishing line. Atkins said, “Mate, 30,000 is huge, and initially I thought I was nowhere near that, but once I did me sums I realised I’m an outside chance. I love me Maccas, so I reckon I’m around about the 29,400 mark. If Gorske continues at his rate of two a day, I just need to eat 10 a day to catch him. It’ll be a stretch but I reckon I can do it.”

Despite no way of verifying his claim of already being at 29,400 Big Macs, and the difficulties around consuming 10 Big Macs a day for a full two months, Atkins is standing firm. He said, “I’m blessed with an elite metabolism mate. Coupla burgers, coupla durries, and a can of Coke = no worries. The only exercise I do is to walk me dog each night after dinner, and all them BMI thingos are wrong, I’m just big boned mate.”

Do you reckon he can do it?