The distant relative of an AFL footballer has been accused by close friends of dropping his tenuous family connection into any footy conversation that goes for longer than one minute. Macleod man Greg Nelson is apparently the third cousin of a prominent AFL player, and seems completely unable to refrain from mentioning this fact to complete strangers at the pub, on the train, or in the queue at his favourite coffee shop.

One of Nelson’s closest friends, Brett Fingleton, contacted The Watsonia Bugle in an attempt to shine a light on Nelson’s troublesome behaviour. Fingleton said, “It’s like a disease mate, he just can’t go any longer than a minute talking about footy without dropping the ridiculous fact into the conversation. It’s absurd. Me and the rest of the boys just laugh now, but at the start we used to get super embarrassed.”

Fingleton revealed that his group of friends have actually turned Nelson’s affliction into a game now. He said, “We used to cringe, but now we just take bets amongst each other before we go for a night out to the footy. It’s kind of like a Cup Sweep. One of us gets 15 seconds, another gets 30 seconds, and so on up to one minute and thirty seconds. You get $10 whenever he mentions it on your allocated time slot. If you cop the minute thirty you’ll go home empty handed every day of the week. But if you get 30 seconds or 45 seconds it can be a nice little earner.”