An enraged local footy fan has openly criticised the AFL’s decision to re-record 16 of the 18 club theme songs. In a long and passionate Facebook post last night, after the consumption of half a dozen beers, Dale Arnold questioned the wisdom of messing with one of the game’s most beloved traditions.

Arnold opened his post with the rhetorical question: “Which overpaid moron from AFL House with a fancy marketing degree and an expense account that sends him to the US once a year for a fact-finding mission came up with this stupid idea?” He then went as far as to suggest that considering most of the songs had hardly changed at all, it was merely a desperate attempt for the aforementioned “marketing moron” to justify his position, and to impress his equally dimwitted managers at his next annual performance review.

Arnold also expressed sadness for the Fable Singers, the artists behind the original recordings. He said, “The Fable Singers were one of the greatest bands in the last century. They have been the voice of multiple generations. I once bought a CD with all the songs on it from Clint’s Crazy Bargains for $12 and to this day it’s still one of my all time favourite albums.”