With news that James Hird has started making a podcast with fellow Brownlow Medallist Shane Crawford, the football community is now calling for the return of one of the most iconic on air combinations in the history of sports broadcasting. The World according to Pig, Jimmy and RooBoy was a ground-breaking radio show in 1990s featuring football royalty Jason Dunstall, James Hird and Wayne Carey.

The showed gained such a loyal following at the time that the trio even published a book, Pig, Jimmy and RooBoy’s Guide to LIFE, which tackled such topics as communal showering with the boys, dumping your missus, and curing a hangover. In this bold new world of podcasts, where pretty much anyone can get on the airwaves, there is now a groundswell of support for Dunstall, Hird and Carey to get the band back together and start producing a show again.

While it’s fair to say that the three men have trodden divergent paths since the end of their last radio show, footy fans believe these diverse life experiences would only add to any potential podcast. According to local footy fan Greg Timmins, “It’d be bloody great mate, imagine those three getting back together and just chewing the fat. I’d listen for sure. Their old show was an absolute pisser.”