A local man, currently binge watching the second season of The Crown with his wife, can’t seem to get over the fact that Princess Margaret was “a bit of alright”. The former Countess of Snowdon, and sister of Queen Elizabeth II, features prominently in the early part of season two as she continues to be unlucky in love before eventually falling for photographer, and eventual first husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones.

Regardless of that story line, Matt Black cannot get the thought out of his head that Princess Margaret was fairly attractive in her day, while simultaneously failing to realise that The Crown is, in fact, a dramatic recreation of events played out by professional actors. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Black said, “Phwoar, she was a bit of alright back in the day, old Princess Margie. Heaps better lookin’ than her sister.”

Black’s wife, Rebecca, says that he can’t go one full episode without expressing his approval at least twice, sometimes three or four times. She told us, “He just keeps going on about it. I don’t understand. There is such a complicated storyline, with moments of historical significance, and all he can comment on is what Princess Margaret bloody looked like. He’s an idiot.”