An elusive creature that resides by the Plenty River in Greensborough has broken his silence to show some support for his favourite cricket team. “The Riverside Monster”, named after the cricket club that he supports, spoke exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle yesterday afternoon as his club approaches day two of the Diamond Valley Cricket Association grand final.

Riverside face reigning premier Macleod on day two of the decider this afternoon at Plenty Park, and their reclusive talisman wanted to go public with his support. The Riverside Monster has resided on the banks of the Plenty River near Riverside cricket grounds Whatmough Park and Greensborough Park, feasting on errant cricket balls that leave the field of play, before hibernating for the winter months and waiting for the next cricket season.

The Riverside Monster reportedly rose to prominence during a Riverside end of season trip to Albury in the early 2000s when a young Riverside player referred to him in casual conversation, presuming that all of the club’s players knew of the creature’s existence. The reference was met with shocked expressions all round, as the young player’s fellow drinkers had no idea what he was talking about. Apparently he’d once heard someone say that a lost ball had been gobbled up by the “Riverside Monster”, and then his own imagination had run riot, cooking up some back story about a semi-mythical creature that lurks in the shadows of the Plenty River eating up cricket balls and scaring domesticated dogs that drift into his domain.

Since that revelation, The Riverside Monster has kept a pretty low profile, apart from the occasional social media presence. But he spoke to us yesterday and said, “Yeah mate, I’ll be cheering hard for them in the granny. I really hope they can bring the shield back to Whatmough on Saturday night. I might even pop up for a beer if they do. I wish them all the best.”