A local dad is openly considering getting his face painted red and black at today’s Watsonia Family Fun Day. Buoyed by the performance of his beloved Bombers last night, Steve Williams floated the idea with his young family at breakfast this morning.

Despite a negative response to his festive suggestion, Williams is reportedly still keen to go through with the idea, and was last scene googling preferred designs for the art work. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, he said, “It was such a great win last night by the boys. We beat last year’s runners up. That can only mean good things for our 2018 season. I’m excited. I reckon a tattoo to celebrate would be a bit over the top. But a big red sash across me face at the Family Fun Day would go alright I reckon.”

While organisers of the event said there were no actual rules against adults taking advantage of the free face painting, they did suggest that it might reduce queues if that particular attraction was limited to just the children. Yet Williams was unperturbed when he said, “It’s a ‘Family Fun Day’ and I’m part of a family. I don’t see what the issue is. It’s not like I’m gunna queue jump or anything, I’m in too good a mood for those kind of shenanigans.”