Following events overnight in South Africa, a new term has been added to the Australian vernacular to describe getting thrown under the bus by your boss. During the third test between Australia and South Africa, it seems team leaders cooked up a plan to tamper with the ball and then heroically requested that the most junior member of the side, Cameron Bancroft, carry out the dirty deed.

Similar to the way “doing a Bradbury” became synonymous with getting lucky when behind the eight ball following Steven Bradbury’s famous Winter Olympics gold medal in 2002, being “Bancrofted” is expected to be widely used within the next week, before receiving official recognition in the next edition of the Macquarie Dictionary. Local linguist Dianne McLindon told The Watsonia Bugle, “These kind of things tend to be embraced quite quickly by everyday Australians, so I’m expecting this to be in use from as early as tomorrow in workplaces across the nation.”

Meanwhile, local carpentry apprentice Lachlan Rice said that while he felt for Cameron Bancroft in the instance, he had been getting “Bancrofted” for years by his boss. Rice said, “Mate, my boss is a shocker. Always stuffing up and then making it look like I was the one who did it. Happens all the time. At least I have a word for it now.”