Our fair suburb of Watsonia is reportedly preparing its case for a big move up the suburb rankings this year, after a disappointing finish in the ratings released in September last year. According to last year’s rankings, Watsonia wasn’t even in the Top 10 suburbs in Victoria, let alone the entire nation of Australia.

The local resident behind the campaign for an improved ranking, Brett Landsberg, believes it’s time that Watsonia took its rightful place amongst the supposed best suburbs in Australia. In an exclusive interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Landsberg said, “A key component of the current rating system is this delusional focus on ease of access to beaches and a close proximity to your city’s CBD. Apart from the fact that unfairly skews the rankings against suburbs in the North East, it fails to acknowledge some of the key elements of what makes a suburb truly brilliant.”

Landsberg said, “For example, we have a vibrant and culturally-diverse dining precinct, trendy abandoned oBike, plans for a giant dim sim tourist attraction, cutting-edge local newspaper, and a thriving public art community. Not to mention an exclusive Paris End where houses regularly sell for seven figures. There’s a lot to love about Watsy.”

Exactly how the campaign will be run remains unclear, but Landsberg believes he has significant community support to push Watsonia up the suburb rankings. He said, “We’ll get the numbers mate. The people of Watsonia know how to rally around a cause.”