Following a particularly poor showing in the first round of his fantasy football season, a local coach has declared 2018 a “re-building season” in which he’ll attempt to blood some young talent in his squad. Despite spending hours upon hours in compiling his squad over the off season, Callum Donaldson says the first round showing, “shows that we’ve got a long way to go before we can become a genuinely competitive senior side”.

The concession comes after a solid month of spruiking the wares of his new squad, cleverly named “Callum’s Cavaliers”, regularly trolling other league members and talking up his team’s chances in 2018. However, speaking to a packed media scrum this morning, after a crushing defeat on the weekend, Donaldson conceded, “I’m just not sure we’re there at the moment. You know, we’re just not ready for the rigours of a full season. It’ll be a tough week on the track this week, and it’s up to the players to see how they respond.”

While Donaldson conceded that he would be aggressive at the trade table early in the season, he felt that the kind of personnel and cultural change required would take “at least 12 months” to implement. He said, “It’s all about setting up an elite environment where these young men can learn and thrive. We need synergy, and we need complete buy in to what we stand for as a football club.”