A camper spending Easter up by the Murray River this weekend has just pitched her tent and discovered multiple artefacts from previous Easters sitting on the floor. Like an archaeologist surveying a dig of dinosaur bones, Belinda Campbell is currently trying to ascertain which Easter these foil balls have been left from.

Speaking to friends after pitching her tent and blowing up her mattress, Campbell has reportedly said, “I’m just not really sure you know? I mean, I got a Humpty Dumpty in 2016, so it might be from then, but I got one of them big Crunchie eggs last year so maybe it’s from then. It’s a bit of a mystery.”

Waste management expert David Samuels has told The Watsonia Bugle that there is an estimated 3,500 tonnes of discarded Easter egg foil currently sitting in tents all across Australia. Exactly how he came up with this figure is unknown, but he believes that many campers even intentionally leave a few foil balls in the tent as some kind of talisman. He said, “Anecdotally, many campers tell us that they are comforted by the presence of at least a couple of bits of foil in their tent. And considering the current landfill challenges that our nation is facing, keeping those 3,500 tonnes in people’s tents is probably doing us all a favour.”