Electronics company LG has chosen not to renewed its endorsement deal with Australian cricketer David Warner based on the ball tampering scandal currently rocking world cricket. The company announced the news yesterday, explaining that they want someone more aligned to their “core brand values”, of which they didn’t actually explain.

An inside source from the company has said, “When we signed Davey as a brand ambassador we did it solely because he was such a wholesome family man, it had nothing to do with his high profile as an elite cricketer”. The source also indicated that the company would be taking all of Warner’s complimentary televisions back before the disgraced cricketer returns home from South Africa.

The company denied that the decision was opportunistic grandstanding sure to garner some free publicity, despite the fact that at the time of the announcement there was no actual evidence that Warner had been involved in the sandpapering of a cricket ball. In light of the announcement, good blokes all over Australia are now putting their hands up to become the next face of LG.

Rick Johnson of Watsonia is one such man. He said, “Yeah mate, I’m a pretty good bloke. No skeletons in me closet. Happily married. A couple of little kids. I reckon I’d do a great job promoting them tvs.” LG are yet to return Johnson’s call.