A Watsonia man has reportedly been brushing up on his badminton, diving, artistic gymnastics, and wrestling in preparation for becoming an armchair expert during the Commonwealth Games over the next fortnight. Chris Bennett normally feeds his sporting urges with a strict diet of cricket and footy, of which he is fairly proficient at analysing, but loves to extend himself during different international sporting events such as the Australian Open, soccer World Cup, the Olympics and, when there’s nothing else on, the Commonwealth Games.

Bennett lapped up the opening ceremony last night, and is now ready to jump straight into the Commonwealth Games, especially with them being held in an exceptionally Aussie-friendly time zone. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Bennett said, “Yeah mate, a couch potato like me lives for this. It only comes around once every four years so you’ve gotta make the most of it. Plus now that we’re hopeless at the Olympics, this is a good chance to fill the medal coffers and make us Aussies feel a bit better about themselves.”

While Bennett refused to be drawn on what his favourite sport at the Commonwealth Games was, he said he had a soft spot for synchronised diving. He said, “It’s bloody amazing isn’t it? I mean, how do they do it? They must train heaps for it. I mainly look at their synchronisation and that, but I’m also really into the size of the splash. If it’s a big splash, forget about it. But if it’s a tiny little splash, mate they’re going for gold!”