A local movie buff has stood firm on his commitment to not watch any of the Jaws movies until winter has really taken hold of the state of Victoria, telling us that he definitely won’t be watching them until at least the middle of May. Ben Wilson of Watsonia is a regular visitor to the Victorian coastline over the summer, and hence lives steadfastly by a lifetime ban on watching any of movies from the Jaws series during the warmer months.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Wilson said, “It’s just not worth it mate. Way too risky! I don’t want to be wading around in the water down at Torquay jumping at shadows and filling me boardies every time a clump of seaweed brushes past me leg. No thanks.”

Wilson went as far as to suggest that some television stations screen the movies over summer in a wicked cross-promotion for swimming pools. He said, “The networks always try to run it on free to air over summer. It doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that they do it because the pool manufacturing companies pay them big dollars for advertising. I’ve seen through that tactic for years mate. It’s so dodgy, and it’s costing Victorian coastal towns car loads of tourists every year.”